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hijyen bariyerleri

DSE-B800 Hygiene Barrier Long Base with Scrub

Turnstile passage opened by contactless disinfectant intake in both hands

provides. The sole of the boot and boot sole has an automatic industrial motorized

brushes.All 304 quality stainless steel

material. It has a matt appearance. Suitable for passage in both directions.

It has height adjustable feet. 

Sole Scrubbing System :Soles of boots/boots are washed by spraying a water-detergent mixture on cylindrical cleaning brushes with 2 horizontal industrial motorized cylindrical cleaning brushes with continuous sensor control. Scrubbing chamber length is 400mm.

Dehumidifier Mat :To remove excess moisture. It has curly mats.

Double Hand Disinfecting Device and Turnstile System :  Works automatically. It has a double chamber and double sensor hand disinfectant transmitter (spray) that allows both hands to receive disinfectant and a three-arm electric turnstile system that provides passage when disinfectant is received. 

Water supply:  Recommended pressure: 3 bar. Maximum temperature: 50°C. Water flow rate: 7 l/min. 

Electric supply: 230V ,50Hz with power plug. Power: 0.3 kW.

Measurements : 180cm (length) x 100cm (width)  x 170cm (height)

hijyen bariyeri
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