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Provides non-contact access with a turnstile that opens with liquid soap intake, hand washing and disinfectant intake on both hands. It ensures that the soles of boots and boots are washed and disinfected with automatic industrial motorized brushes. Exit is provided with a one-way turnstile from different places. All 304 quality stainless steel material. It has a matte appearance. Height adjustable legs. 

Hand Washing Station : It has stainless steel sink and sensor. There is no contact with the sink, it works automatically when you come in front of it. There is a stainless steel and sensor liquid soap dispenser with 5L liquid soap canister reservoir. 

Hand Drying Station :  400 Z-fold  paper towel holder and waste bin.

Floor Disinfection Pool : Connected to cold water line, contains disinfectant and water mixture. It has a grill. 1/2'' water filling and 3/4'' water drainage connection.  

Dehumidifier Mat :To remove excess moisture, with curly mats.

Floor Disinfection Pool : Connected to the cold water line, containing a mixture of disinfectant and water.

With grating. 1/2''' water filling and 3/4'' water drain connection. 

Double Hand Disinfection Device and Tourniquet System: Works automatically. Disinfectant for both hands

hand sanitizer transmitter (spray) with double chamber and double sensor for uptake and

It has a three-arm electric turnstile system that provides access when disinfectant is taken. 

Water supply:  Recommended pressure: 3 bar. Maximum temperature: 50°C. Water flow rate: 7 l/min. 

Electric supply: 230V ,50Hz with power plug. Power: 0.8 kW.

Measurements : 250cm (length) x 100cm (width)  x 170cm (height)

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