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hijyen istasyonu

HGE-S Hijyen Bariyeri Taban Dezenfekte Havuzlu ve BGM Kutulu

It enables contactless hand washing and access through the turnstile, which opens with the dispensing of sanitizer to both hands.All 304 quality

stainless steel material. It has a matt appearance.

Suitable for passage in both directions. Height adjustable legs.

Floor Disinfection Pool : Connected to the cold water line, inside

a mixture of disinfectant and water.

With grating. 1/2''' water filling and 3/4'' water drain connection. 

Double Hand Disinfection Device and Tourniquet System: Works automatically.

Disinfectant on both hands

hand sanitizer with double reservoir and double sensor

transmitter (spraying) and

three-lever electric switch when disinfectant is taken

with turnstile system. 


Electric supply: 230V, 50Hz with power plug.

Measurements : 100cm (length) x 100cm (width)  x 150cm (height)

hijyen bariyeri
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